Volunteer: Vernal Pools Monitoring
To volunteer for this project, contact Jenny Salyers .
Vernal Pools
Background information from Anne Wright
What is our project? It is a statewide effort to identify and monitor vernal pools (isolated wetlands) on public lands. Vernal pools support a unique suite of organisms and are critical habitats for the breeding and early life stages of certain amphibians (obligate species). These habitats are threatened by development, logging and agricultural activities, and often are not recognized by land and resource managers. By identifying and monitoring high functioning pools that are supporting significant numbers of obligate species, we hope to alert land and resource managers to the important role the pools play on their lands and how they can protect and manage them. The data collected will be used by multiple Virginia agencies with a long-term goal of contributing to a regional and national database for research and conservation efforts on these habitats.
You can follow this group on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/VernalPoolsVA
Vernal Pool monitors should sign up for training or accompany a trained monitor to participate in this project. Pools are monitored from late fall (October/November) through early spring (March/April) depending on the weather and temperatures.