Member Milestones
as of May 1, 2017
Congratulations to Pocahontas VMNs who have achieved extraordinary service on behalf of our organization:

1000+ hours 
  • Kelli Hughart Armes
  • ​Eric Gray
  • Lee Hesler
  • Ben Hedges
  • Rich Marino
  • Keith Morrison
  • Marney Terrill

500+ hours
  • Caroline Coe
  • Karen Daniel
  • Joel Dexter
  • Lori Dzierzek
  • Liz Elkovich
  • Jane Hesler
  • Grace Marino
  • Jim McCord
  • Cris Pond
  • Lisa Quigley
  • Donna Reese
  • Katharine Snavely
  • Barbara Stewart
  • Tom Yates

250+ hours
  • Dale Baker
  • Lesha Berkel
  • Candace Boyce
  • Mary Camp
  • Roselle Clark
  • John Coe
  • Kate Conn
  • Daryl Downing
  • Willie Fielder
  • Caroline Garmon
  • Bill Gorewich
  • Kathleen Gregory
  • ​Steve Gregory
  • Renee Hamilton
  • Jane Haviland
  • ​Jennifer Horn
  • Tom Jenkins
  • Al Kent
  • Karen Leonard
  • Liz Revette
  • Dorothy Rilee
  • Carolyn Ross
  • Madison Ryan
  • ​Rosalind Ryan
  • Mike Schlosser
  • Cathy Summers
  • Ken Tuley
  • Alice Warner
  • Bill Wood
  • Gayle Wright
  • Jerry Wyatt

Congratulations to the following members who have completed the requirements to earn or renew their Virginia Master Naturalist Certification for 2017.

Kelli Armes
Roselle Clark
Daphne Cole
Katharine Snavely
Bill Gorewich
Jim McCord
Donna Reese
Eric Gray
Dale Baker

To maintain your status as a Certified Master Naturalist, you must complete and record eight (8) hours of continuing education and forty (40) hours of volunteer service annually.

All participation in volunteer service and continuing education must be recorded in the Volunteer Management System in order to count toward certification or re-certification.  If you have questions or concerns about your status as a Certified Virginia Master Naturalist, contact the Chapter Membership Coordinator Sue Tait.
Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of these milestones for our members. If your name is not listed here, but you believe you have achieved any of the milestones above, please contact the Membership Coordinator Sue Tait.